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Census Results and Hispanics in the US, 2009

Ancestry and Hispanic Origin

Merced County

Hispanics are the Largest Group by far.

Portuguese, Germans, Irish and English follow.


Hispanics are the Largest Group by far.

Germans, Irish, English and Italians follow.


Hispanics are the Second Largest Group, Germans are ahead by 1%

Irish are third 4% short of Hispanics. English are a mere 10% of the US Population, followed by Americans, Italians and Polish.




Conclusion: Hispanics are the largest Ancestry/Group of Origin/Culture in the United States of America.


Instead of deporting us all, it is about time we have a Hispanic and Catholic President, don't you think?


Viva la Raza!

Juan Eduardo Alvear

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For we all are pilgrims and immigrants in a foreign land. We have become citizens and nationals of Heaven through our baptism. We are sons of God. By Eduardo Alvear, Catholic. Please note that Jesus Christ got crucified by the Jews and Pilate for making this claim. He was accused of subversion.
Immigration Myths

"Jesus is the lodestar of human freedom: without him, freedom loses its focus, for without the knowledge of truth, freedom becomes debased, alienated and reduced to empty caprice. With him, freedom finds itself." Benedict XVI, Address to Participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (10 February 2006): AAS 98 (2006), 255. EUCHARIST: SOURCE AND SUMMIT

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