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I cracked the code to understand Revelation

I cracked the code to understand the Book of Revelation.

Revelation is an "open" prophetic book. The key is in plain sight. The numbers are:
666, 3.5 and 7

Just plug in the numbers:

The Two Witnesses give testimony for 3.5 days. Each of those days correspond to 666 terrestrial years. Given the fact that the two witnesses are the Old and New Testament, and that they started giving testimony together since the birth of the Church, or Kingdom of the Messiah which started 2016 years ago; we have the first clue. The Millennium started 2016 years ago. According to what is written, the Church will give testimony for 2331 Earth years (666 x 3.5), before they Two Witnesses are eliminated by the Beast. Who are the Two Witnesses: both Jews and Christians, Old Testament and New Testament, Law and Prophets, His Body, His Blood, Bread and Wine, Eucharist. Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

What happens during each one of those 3.5 days (which last 666 years each)?

Given the fact that the Book of Revelation is divided in 7 Spirits, 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Thunderbolts and 7 Bowls, we just plug them in.

In year 1 of the kingdom, the birth of Jesus, the Seven Spirits represent the maturity of the Church who stands before the presence of God's Throne on Earth. These Spirits last, or are in effect, for 3.5 days, each day being 666 years in length. From year 1 to year 2331 (666 x 3.5).

First 6
In the year 666 the Seven Seals are broken, and we see the horseman of the apocalypse, which are the first four seals, as well as the other three remaining Seals are opened. This ordeal lasts until year 1332 (666 x 2). At the same time, Mohamed, the 1st antichrist, also known as the False Prophet in 711 Spain, establishes his mission, Sharia Law, on Earth.

Second 6
In the year 1332 the Trumpets start sounding until they are finally blown in year 1998 (666 x 3). It is also time when the 7 Royal decedents of Mohamed, 7 Caliphates, start taking shape and maturing int what eventually become OPEC, the Seven Sisters, which is the Islamic Oil Power of the Middle East, aka as Beast of Seven Heads. It is worthy to notice that the Seven Trumpets predicted 1/3 of oceans, rivers contaminated, and 1/3 of humanity exterminated. Thus far in abortion registered alone, we have killed 1,400 million humans, or almost 1/3 of the population of Earth.

Third 6
In Year 1998 is when we get the 10 Kings, or the Third antichrist. Notice how the eight is the Beast. Notice also how the lineages of the once daughter of Christianity, separated by Henry VIII, is infiltrated by Freemasonry, which comes from the Knight Templars of the Middle East, the secret service of the False Prophet. Eventually, the Royal House of Britain has a child with one of the Heads of the Beast of Seven Heads (Queen Elisabeth and King Faisal had a child secret in 1946). The child is the Beast. He is one of the Ten Kings, however, he is not from within the 7 prior. He is a Royal, comes from the W, or second 6, but he is one of the 10 Kings, the third 6 which is Roman numeral X or 10.

Why do the 10 Kings start after the assassination of JFK? Well, because that is when the Coup d'Etat began in the USA. We were infiltrated by the master minds behind ISIS, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the "Sola Koran" people, aka Wahhabis. Remember George HW Bush was behind the assassination of JFK and his father, Prescott, behind the assassination of the Jews by giving money from his Bank on New York to Adolph Hitler.

Also, on year 1998 another event takes place, which are the Seven Thunderbolts. However, since they were not written, we do not know what they say. Thunderbolts are regarded as prophets by Saint Faustina. We do not know. It is the only hidden secret in the Book of Revelation, the Open Prophetic Book. It is assumed the period may last 333 years, or half a day. From the Year 1998, until 2331. we may have the Thunderbolts.

Note: the Betelgeuse measure of 640 per day, coincides with year 6000 in the Jewish calendar. However, this events close 100 years before 2331. So, could it be that the & Bowls of Wrath take place in a period of only 100 years?

How long do each seven last?

7 Spirits, for 3.5 days: year 1 to year 2331
7 Seals, for 1 day: year 666 to 1332
7 Trumpets, for 1 day: year 1332 to 1998
7 Thunderbolts, a bit less than 1/2 day: year 1998 to 2231
7 Bowls of Wrath: the remaining 100 days, for times are shortened.

The cycle of the 7 Bowls correspond to the years after, which are shortened due to their severity. This event is forecast by scientists as the effects of Green House on Earth. All oceans would be contaminated, all rivers as well. The sun will burn humanity, due to its intense radiation since we started to destroy Earth Shield with Fossil Fuels and other threats.

Proof: the 7 Trumpets claim 1/3 of all oceans and rivers are contaminated, and 1/3 of the population has been exterminated. 1,400,000,000 children have reportedly been exterminated worldwide via abortion. That equates to almost 1/3 of humanity, and if we count the wars, we are there.

Proof: Saudi Arabia is holding hostage the archeological evidence that proves the Old Testament is true. Mount Sinai is where God spoke to Moses and feed the Israelis for 40 years, with a lake formed thanks to a stone from which underground waters flowed, filling a lakebed. This proves they are planning to destroy us, Bible People, otherwise they would be holding it hostage.

Proof: From year 666 to 1332, Mohamed, the False Prophet, was unleashed as foretold in the 7 Seals. The Horseman of the Apocalypse, Wars, famine, etc. Spain in year 711 suffered Sharia Law for 700 years of invasion.

Proof: Pope Francis wrote his first encyclical about the science of climate change, the Earth being destroyed. Leonardo DiCaprio in the National Geographic documentary "Before the Flood" proved that the Earth has gone beyond the point of no return: two degrees temperature rise. In other words, Earth will resemble Mars in the near future. Earth is dying.

So, there you have it. I broke the code to interpret the Book of Revelation. I doubt I am the first one opening the code. It's so simple. I bet that there have to be theologians with a doctorate in eschatology who have done this prior. Nevertheless, to me it has been one of the most revealing things I found.

I am currently wondering what the 7 Thunderbolts carry. They were not written, so I'm expectant to see what they are.

In this interpretation of the Book of Revelation, Mohamed is the False Prophet, which gives birth to a Beast of Seven Heads, which I interpret to be the consortium of OPEC in the Middle East, which happens to fit the description. Hence, it follows that Henry VIII (and his descendants) would happen to be the Whore of Babylon, which economic might is destroyed in a single day.

The Mark of the Beast would be the Petrodollar, for it is a world single currency; and the Image of the Beast would be the neurolinguistic, subliminal, subconscious programming apparatus: television and dynamic HTML or Flash messaging.

Well, there you have it! I know it may be scary, but remember the words of John Paul II: Be not afraid!

Last proof: the 10 Kings are the 10 presidents after the assassination of John F Kennedy. They fit the profile of those working for the Beast that destroys the world via Fossil Fuels with the power of the Beast of Seven Heads, OPEC.

Those are my conclusions and convictions. However, if there is proof to the contrary, I am willing to hear evidence demonstrating otherwise.

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Juan Eduardo Alvear

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