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Via Cruxis

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Pastor Rev. Jesús Reynaga

Father Jesus Reynaga

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Via Crucis 2011

Interpreted by Youth Group
Presiding, Pastor Rev. Jesús Reinaga


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Via Crucis 2010

Interpreted by Youth Group
Presiding, Pastor Rev. Jesús Reinaga




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Via Crucis 2009

Interpreted by Youth Group
Presiding, Pastor Rev. Jesús Reinaga

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A big cross to bear,
Merced County Times


Via Crucis in Merced, a Hispanic Cultural Tradition

Dear Editor: Sacred Heart Church celebrated the Passion of Christ on the streets of Merced. Pastor Rev. Jesús Reynaga presided the public ceremony through the streets of Merced. The Via Crucis was enacted by the young Hispanic people of Merced. The Via Crucis is a beautiful celebration that is filled with cultural wealth that comes to us from the Old Continent, form Spain. It is a very graphic representation of a historical event. It is a way of telling a story.

There is an old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. I may add that a theatrical representation is worth a million words.

Hispanics bring with them a tremendous cultural wealth, and not only very tasty food.

I would like to share the video I made with you and your Internet readers on Youtube:

The Movie and photos are in the Parish Website that I also maintain:

I give you, Merced Sunstar, explicit authorization to use them as you please.



Juan Eduardo Alvear-Fuentes


I sent this letter to Merced Sunstar.

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