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Open Letter to My Family


Abortion, Cocaine, Freemasonry, Dissent from the Magisterium, and faith in the Eucharist (salvation from God).

It is irrational not to believe in God. Thus, all of those who accuse me of being mad and irrational, because I believe I have seen God in the Eucharist, should better take a closer look to their very own beliefs.

Do not look at errors in the eye of your siblings, rather look at you own error.

Is he worthy of being locked up in a mental institution, 51-50, because he believes in God? 

Are his beliefs reason enough to lock him up?

In Mexico that way it used to be. I remember Dr. Balderrama, the psychiatrist. He would give you pills so that we would loose your faith, and convince us that the only way in which he would let you go, is if we would believe Jesus was a mad man. Then, and only then he’ll let us go. Otherwise, 51-50. 

Yes, you can lock someone up because of their faith in Mexico. I saw it in my family. Faith in Christ was scorned and discriminated against. 

We come from abortion practitioner families. That is precisely why we would be threatened to be called mad man worthy of 51-50’s (incarceration). They threatened us, and continue to do so by falsely accusing us of crimes we have not committed, because of our faith in Jesus Christ. They scorned our faith and wanted us diminished. They wanted our credibility brought down to nothing.

I also assume that the cocaine business that some of them are engaged in is also a reason why they want us silenced and locked up.

I come from that place. That is my family, abortionists and cocaine suppliers. Heck, I even lost my faith in God, altogether in 1991. I only had what I had, no more fairytales. Faith was considered a fairytale and nonsense, because according to them, it brings unpleasant guilt. 

I lost my faith gradually, it was like taking the layers out of an onion. I was literally in Hell. Nonetheless, the Lord did not let me rest there in Hell for long. He came to my rescue a Day I had foreseen in a dream. All of the sudden, the Day of the planetary conjunction, Jupiter, Venus and Mars in 1991, I said unto them as in the Dream: “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord,” and revealed was I that the Logos became flesh, and bread. 

I returned, I went to Confession and to the Eucharist, thanks to the Sacrament of Confirmation; for even if we are not faithful to our promises, the Lord is faithful. He does not lie. He saves us from Hell. 

And what is Hell, but to loose your faith in him, to forget him.

That is life. There is hope, even for those that have lost their faith and hate us because we believe that we are saved. I pray for my family. They could as well believe, let them say to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit, “blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.” 

In this nation, USA, we have constitutional guarantees to believe. I am Pro Life, I renounce to be Culture of Death. I encourage all to let everyone believe what they want, without been threatened with taking ones liberty, or being locked up because of our beliefs.

The punishment to someone trying to deprive another of their beliefs by means of threats of incarceration, should be deemed a criminal act. It goes against our right to believe. 

I also believe that being a Freemason excommunicates me from God, because the Church says it is a mortal sin. I have also spoken clearly about this subject to the Knights of Columbus, when we found freemasonry has infiltrated the Knights, the Church, to the extent that, long story short, one priest died because of his rebellion against the Magisterium. Such a scandal! The Holy Spirit took him when Bishop Armando Xavier came to Merced. 

I remember how the priest, father Piro, shouted in October 2003, after Mass, that he would not subject himself to the Teaching Office of the Church. Soon after, I saw how a 10 foot angel stroke his back as he was celebrating the Funeral Mass of “Red,” my ex's aunt. And it wasn’t my imagination, for the week after, he had a kidney collapse and was on dialysis and in a wheel chair. 

Abortion, Cocaine, Freemasonry and Dissent from the Magisterium have been issues that have brought tremendous contingencies and struggle. I am just a witness. I have been persecuted, brought to tribunals, and as the Lord promised, the Holy Spirit has come to my Defense in powerful ways. 

I am not ashamed to confess Jesus Christ as God incarnate, the Eucharist as Emmanuel, God amongst us. That is my duty in life, to spread through the rooftops what I have heard in whispers. 

God is my friend. He came to my encounter and rescue. He shared with me, and still shares many things, as any friend would do. He is good and wants to rescue us from Hell. Hell is to be an atheist. Atheism is the loneliest place there is, for in atheism only materialism exists. There is nothing but a perishable life that ends. 

I want to give hope to my family, because there is indeed life after death. And death does not happen after you die. As a matter of fact, you can be dead and still be here on Earth, for that is precisely what atheism is. 

So, go to confession. Never go to the Eucharist without knowing who you are approaching, God himself. You don’t want to loose your faith as i did. For the most important thing there is in this planet is the Eucharist, life Eternal.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Have mercy on my family. Let them fall of their horse, to realize they hurt themselves far more persecuting us, than what they hurt the Church. Saint Paul, intercede for them. I consecrate all of them to the Immaculate, so that they may believe, so that they may come out of Hell.

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. Amen. 


If you want to read the story of my conversion, here is a link to the book. The Catholic Church, the Augustinians, published it in 1987 in Madrid. It is in Spanish (sorry, I am working on its translation). http://www.jeaf.com/sectas/

Juan Eduardo Alvear

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For we all are pilgrims and immigrants in a foreign land. We have become citizens and nationals of Heaven through our baptism. We are sons of God. By Eduardo Alvear, Catholic. Please note that Jesus Christ got crucified by the Jews and Pilate for making this claim. He was accused of subversion.
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